Coalition for the ICC

The Coalition for the International Criminal Court is the largest partnership in the world advancing the cause of international justice. Including more than 2,500 civil society organizations from 150 countries, the Coalition is leading the global fight to end genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity through a commitment to the core values of human rights and justice.

The Coalition led the global civil society effort to create the International Criminal Court and is now engaged in ensuring the effectiveness, independence, and accessibility of international justice, while also responding to more urgent local and regional developments. The Coalition works with all aspects of the Court, as well as with the broader network of governments, the United Nations, and other institutions involved in the international justice system. Through this committed global partnership, the Coalition’s guiding mission is to make justice universally accessible for victims of the gravest crimes in an effort to secure lasting peace.

The Coalition’s global network consists of leading human rights and humanitarian nongovernmental organizations, international law and justice institutions, and local and grassroots organizations from every region of the world. Coalition member organizations represent a wide range of focus areas, from women and children’s rights to peace and reconciliation issues. The Coalition is guided by a Steering Committee comprised of a core group of member organizations which provide policy and program coherence for the Coalition’s efforts and activities. A Global Advisory Board provides the Coalition with greater visibility and reinforces its advocacy.

The Coalition is headquartered in New York and The Hague and has regional offices in Benin, Belgium, Morocco, Peru, and Thailand.

Please visit the Coalition for the International Criminal Court’s website to learn more about this program. 



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