Member Organization Application

Applications will be reviewed by the Credentials, Nominations and Statutes Committee, which may take further steps, such as requesting further documentation, or the like. Membership can only be granted after a decision by WFM Council, which convenes once a year.

Member Organizations must subscribe to the aims, Statutes and Bylaws of WFM.

WFM Statutes in Relation to Member Organizations

1.a. Member Organizations
1.a.1. WFM members shall, within their countries, form wherever possible Member Organizations for World Federalism. The establishment of a Member Organization shall be carried out in close cooperation with the Council and Executive Committee, which shall receive for approval a copy of the statutes of the Member Organization in question.
1.a.2. Member Organizations shall only be recognized by WFM Council, if they have a membership of 30 or above. Applications with less than 30 members may be accepted as contact groups without any entitlements.
1.a.3. The Member Organizations shall be organized and administered in accordance with the legislation of their respective countries. They shall have the disposition of the part of their membership fee which is not due to WFM. Each of the Member Organizations shall forward to the Secretariat an annual statement of paid-up members organized in that Member Organization as provided in the By-Laws.
1.a.4. Member Organizations can group themselves into area bodies in close cooperation with the Council and the Executive Committee. Regional groups may decide to participate either as a Member Organization or an Associated Organization, the fees, as specified in the By-Laws, set accordingly.
1.a.5. The Council can withdraw by a two-thirds majority vote the recognition of a particular WFM Member Organization, if it fails to comply with WFM Statutes or By-Laws. A majority of the members of the Member Organization can appeal to Congress against this decision. The decision of Congress if final.

WFM Bylaws in Relation to Member Organizations

1.A.1. The annual membership fee for the Member Organizations (MOs) shall be the equivalent of US$ 5.00 (US Dollars) per individual full member of the MO and the equivalent of US$2.00 per individual senior citizen and student member. The minimum fee for all MOs shall be the equivalent of US$150.00. Financially strong organizations may be asked - by negotiations - to contribute more than the regular fee. MOs with other categories of membership or with particular difficulties may negotiate with the Treasurer, whose decision is subject to approval by the Executive Committee, for special rates. The burden of demonstrating to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee that special rates should apply to an MO rests with that particular organization, in the absence of which the above rates shall apply.


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