In Memory of Barbara Martin Walker, 1923-2016

Photo of Barbara Walker

Note by WFM-IGP Executive Director, Bill Pace, on the death of Barbara Martin Walker

Barbara Martin Walker, one of the long-time and finest members of WFM, passed away on Friday, March 25.  Barbara Walker and her husband Bob were “lifelong supporters” of world federalism and our peace movement.  She served on the WFM Executive Committee for many years, as Treasurer and advisor.  Barbara was 92 years old.

Barbara was tremendously dedicated to peace education and amongst her contributions was the excellent reference book, Uniting the Peoples and Nations.  Compiled by Barbara, it is perhaps the closest text I know of to an ‘International Federalists Papers’.

Hopefully, in celebrating Barbara’s life, WFM and others will reread this extraordinary collection of writings, more than 100, from Kant to Kennedy, Gorbachev to Boutros-Ghali, Hudson to Heinrich, Einstein to Falk. It remains one of the most important primers for peace and federalism.

Barbara also co-founded with Sally Swing Shelley, an important United Nations non-governmental organization, the Committee on Teaching about the United Nations (CTAUN). The annual CTAUN conference at the UN for educators continues to gain in importance.

My wife, Lydia Swart, and I loved Barbara and Bob.  Shortly after becoming WFM General Secretary/Executive Director in 1994, Lydia and I cherished house-sitting the Walkers beautiful home in Princeton, NJ while they vacationed at their island home in Menemsha, Massachusetts. Lydia and I will miss Barbara and celebrate the Walkers for the rest of our lives.

On behalf of WFM’s world-wide membership, we wish to send our deep condolences to Barbara’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren as they honor her memory.


William Pace

WFM-IGP International Secretariat


Barbara Walker's obituary can be found here


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