Center for Development of International Law

The Center for Development of International Law (CDIL) was established to promote the development of international law and the strengthening of the international legal order. CDIL advocates for increasing the application of international law to individuals and works to further the awareness of the interdependence between international and local legal systems.

CDIL operates as an educational, research and project development organization. CDIL also coordinates meetings, seminars, consultations and conferences. The Center works closely with other non-governmental organizations and local, national and international organizations (NGOs) to support common goals and projects.

CDIL’s current project areas focus on:

UN Reform
CDIL works with the United Nations Associations, the Alliance for Our Common Future and many other groups to promote a strengthened and reformed UN. Together, the groups seek to reform human rights mechanisms, the Security Council, peace keeping/building, Charter Review, the General Assembly, the International Court of Justice and international dispute settlement. CDIL is also concerned with the unmonitored role that major groups and non-governmental organizations play in global governance.

Human Rights and International Law
CDIL works with other organizations on promoting the ratification and strengthening of international human rights conventions. CDIL participated in the NGO steering committee that prepared for the World Conference on Human Rights, and supports efforts to increase the application of international law to individuals and extend legal standing to individuals and communities.

Global Environmental Governance
CDIL developed a program to promote clearing-house and capacity building goals between Northern and Southern NGOs, and works on the Federalist-Green Project, a research initiative designed to develop and explore the use of resolutions and referenda for the promotion of fundamentally new policies, directions and coalitions on global and local issues.

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